NoteMaster Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all information collected by the NoteMaster app.

How Your Data Is Used

All data you add to the NoteMaster app is stored on your device in the NoteMaster app itself. If you've (optionally) set up syncing with a 3rd-party cloud service, NoteMaster will upload copies of your notes to one of those services. We do not collect any private or personally-indentifiable information about you.

Syncing with 3rd-Party Cloud Services

You may optionally choose to have NoteMaster sync notes with a 3rd -party cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. If you choose to sync with a 3rd-party cloud service, your data stored in the cloud service will fall under the privacy policies of that service. NoteMaster has no control over what happens to your data after it has been uploaded to a 3rd-part cloud service.


We do collect anonymous statistics about the general ways the app is being used, in order better understand which features are used most, so that we can improve the app. Third-party services may be used to collect and access this anonymous information.

Customer Support

When you contact us for customer support via the app, some information about your use of the app may be sent along with the support request. Such information may include the name of any 3rd-party services you sync with, the name of the account you sync with, and the titles of the notes and categories you've added to the app. We only use this information for the purpose if providing customer support, and this information is not permanently stored, nor is is shared with any 3rd parties.

Your Consent

By using NoteMaster, you consent to our privacy policy.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may email